These are examples of how specific projects unfolded, from the goals that triggered them, through the approaches I used to achieve the goals, to the results and business impact of my work.

(For higher level, less detailed examples, see Case Studies.)

User Research

Contextual Interviews

Understanding user needs and the context in which technology will be serving users.


Getting specific feedback from large numbers of current or potential users.

Usability Test, Unmoderated

Evaluating usability and user experience through user feedback and recorded behavior.

Usability Test, Moderated

Evaluating usability and user experience through user feedback, observed behavior, and realtime expert observation and discussion.

Interaction Design

Design Review

Evaluating usability and user experience through expert feedback.

Prototyping, Low Fidelity

Iterating ideas for how new or improved technology might interact with users.

Prototyping, Medium Fidelity

Working out detailed interaction design, e.g. organization, labeling, interactions, and some content.

Prototyping, High-Fidelity

Refining a prototype that looks and interacts very much like the real system will.